It’s about you. What are your physical goals? What has stopped you in the past from achieving them? The Strive Rx program is the key to helping you overcome all of the obstacles that have prevented you from getting the body that you want. Our 30 minute program is designed for individuals wanting to make the ultimate physical transformation. Over the years, we have changed thousands of lives, guiding individuals through physical training, nutritional coaching and support. You train in supportive group sessions with others who will keep you on track and accountable. Our expert coaches provide guidance and encouragement to ensuring success. Have unlimited access to over 20 classes per week, with more on the way. Receive a huge amount of interactive online resources including, video, social media, and online meal planning, to help you fine tune your results. Affordable, comprehensive fitness from some of the best in the industry, all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.. Call us at (587) 333-6448 for more information or sign up now for a free week on us to try it out!

What People Are Saying About Strive Rx!


I just finished my first class at Strive and cannot be more pleased with my experience! Anton made me feel right at home, as if I had been coming for months! We had fun working on handstand and then jumped into a Wednesday Chipper WOD. I could tell right away that he was more interested in supporting my fitness goals than “making a buck” which was super refreshing. These, paired with a killer workout with a group of fun, encouraging people, will be the reason I come back for many, many more.
Vanessa Ericsson




“This was my third time attending the class and I absolutely loved it. My best friend and I attended our first class and we were acquainted with the prowler which was such a amazing killer workout. Anton and the staff are extremely warm and friendly. I liked the openness and the sense of family atmosphere at the gym.  While I was warming up I noticed people coming up to the instructor and asking for his advice on squats/power clean techniques and he was very willing to provide advice which is a positive sign to see from a trainer at the gym.  He is supportive and also knows when to push you.  Last class, he taught me the proper technique for a snatch. I appreciate his willingness to teach and his patience.  The staff is always super supportive, especially the lovely man at the front desk. Overall wonderful staff, motivating and safe environment.  I am excited for another class with a different trainer! =)”

Rohini Singh




“I signed in for the class, I was so nervous that I might not make it. The minute I walked into the gym, i felt relieved seeing people of my size doing some interesting workouts. It’s been 2 weeks now, I can’t explain the energy and balance I have. I’m happy I can run, thanks to the most talented trainers at Strive Fitness. This is the place that  will make it happen for people of all fitness levels.”

Thandaza Tapera




“STRIVE FITNESS is a excellent facility and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get healthy, get fit and see results. I have been going for a couple months now and I love the class STRIVE FITNESS has to offer.

The class has an awesome instructor.  You would think that this would be intimidating, but they made me feel welcome the first day of class and everyday. He is encouraging and I love that his classes are never the same. He changes it up every class, so it keeps you motivated to keep coming back.  He takes the time to teach correct technique. It is a hard workout, but he designs it that you are able to push through it, and see results.   STRIVE FITNESS is definitely worth the try.”

Thank you Anton!

Jacqueline Vandenbos




“This was my fourth time in the class at Strive Fitness and it just keeps getting better and better with each visit. Excellent instructor – knowledgeable, patient, funny and definitely motivating! All the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming, as are the other people I’ve met in the classes. The gym is clean, bright and has a huge selection of equipment.

I had never done this type of training before and was wary, as I had often heard that you had to be really super fit to even try it – however, I was happily proved wrong with Strive Fitness.

My instructor is always on hand making sure our form and posture is correct and not only puts great emphasis on warm up, but also makes sure we really stretch out after the workout.

Each class I’ve been to has been different, which I really like, as it keeps it not only fun and interesting, but it really challenges you at the same time – you never know what you’re going to be doing, except that you’re going to feel a huge amount of self satisfaction afterwards – thanks to the encouragement, guidance and expertise of the instructor.

I would highly recommend Strive Fitness to everybody and will be happy to continue going to classes after my trial is over…

Don’t hold back – come along and try our Strive Fitness for yourself, you’ll be really glad you did!”

Morag Armit




“Very patient instructor, and makes the time to make sure everyone is using correct form and appropriate weights. I haven’t been inside a gym in over a year and was a little stressed about taking on this style class. He offered encouragement to everyone in the class and kept everyone going.  I’d recommend his class for anyone who is intimidated by the idea of going to a class.”

Alissa Lees 




“Loved it! The instructor is really motivational and knows his stuff 🙂 This is the first time I have ever done this type of class and I will definitely be going back for more! Got an excellent work out in! Highly recommended :)”

Iva Mikulic 




“Great class instructors are so energetic and fun! I’ve been to three classes now and they’re each very different focusing on different ways exercise. The facility is nice and clean and there are bathrooms and a change room. The thing I like best about this place is all the different times that classes are offered, they are only 45 minutes and are offered really early in the morning so it’s the most convenient facility.”

Michelle Shewell




“I really enjoyed my experience there.  I for sure got my butt kicked but I felt amazing after and knew that I accomplished it.  I liked how the teacher pushed you and made me step out of my comfort zone.

I will for sure be back!”

Lisa Colpitts




“Had my first class today. My wife and I had an amazing time with the staff and all the regulars. It was a great work out and can’t wait till the next session. Feeling the burn. AWESOME !!!!”

John Heffernan