Strive Fitness is a world-leader in fitness conditioning and sport-specific training, offering an array of fitness training services and athlete performance programs, and sport-fitness products and supplements to help aspiring athletes achieve and exceed their goals. Strive Fitness offers adult functional training programs and private training services for adults and youth. Give us a call at (587) 333-6448 for more information on how we can you where you want to be.


Train Like a Champion…

Our Strive expert coaches understand the physiological and movement skills demanded in football. At Strive, we believe the foundation of success comes through our Assess, Coach and Educate approach to athletic development.


Prior to starting our academy training program, we test athletes to establish a performance baseline and to set individualized training programs to improve skills and help them achieve specific performance goals. Throughout their training, we test our athletes to measure their performance improvements and track their progression.  Our athlete evaluation process allows us to measure performance results, to set new testing standards. Our extensive database of test and performance information allows athletes to compare their scores on our standardized tests against their peers. Athletes are able to conduct search comparisons by geography, gender, age or sport to see where they rank.


It’s all about coaching. Strive has assembled some of the top, most experienced coaches in the country to develop the best athletes possible. Education and experience are married together at Strive. Our coaching staff members have had a hand in developing some of today’s top professional athletes. Many of which were only 14 years of age when starting on their journey.  If you want to excel at your sport, Strive is the place for you!


Thousands of athletes have taken advantage of our individualized sport-specific training programs to enhance their speed, power, and agility to gain more than just a step on their competition. Our athletes go through comprehensive programs to enhance their performance, biomechanics, strength, cardio fitness, recovery, and sports nutrition and are taught how their body works and how to maximize their athletic potential.