First Class is FREE!

12 Month Paid in Full: $1750 (or $175.00 per monthly)

6 Month Commitment: $200 per month

Monthly No Commitment: $225 per month

10 Session Pass: $225

Drop-in: $20

Students: $150 month to month

Emergency Services: $150 month to month

***Please note: memberships require billing information in the form of a void cheque or valid credit card.***

Call us at (587) 333-6448 for more information.




Facility Membership: $55 per month (Recurring Monthly)

General Facility Membership: $80 per month (One Month Only)

Youth, Emergency Services Membership: $40 per month (Recurring Monthly)

Drop In: $20

Strive offers exclusive memberships at its new high performance training centre located at 401, 33 street north east on the south side of the CDI College building. Become a member of the Strive High Performance Training Centre. Only total of 1000 memberships to our 58,000 square foot facility are available which houses a weight room, cardio area, three turf fields, a combative area and a basketball court. All our memberships are “NO CONTRACT”, meaning you can cancel at any time (with 1 month notice).


Strive Sport Academy Membership
$150 per month
Train up to 5 Days per week!

This comprehensive membership program is for athletes who want to train hard and be motivated by our expert coaches to advance to the next level. Athletes utilize our high performance equipment, strength training and plyometric training to enhance their speed quickness and explosive power in this revolutionary program. Work with a group of athletes with similar athletic ability a potential 4 days per week.

The Strive Agility Sprint sessions are designed for male and female athletes of all ages. The program exposes the athlete to “state of the art” training techniques and drills to optimize sports performance and reduce injury potential. Dynamic warm-up, speed development, lateral speed & agility, plyometrics, strength training , stability training and core strength will be taught in 60 minute sessions by qualified coaches using a “learn by doing” format. Athletes are to wear t-shirt and shorts with athletic shoes.